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 Arab Union for Metal Formation Company

 Company Overview

Arab Union for Metal Formation Company was established as one of the leading engineering firms specialized in designing and implementing pergolas, outdoor seating areas, and front spaces for restaurants, cafes, commercial stores, and hotels. The company has built a distinguished reputation for offering innovative and intelligent solutions that meet clients’ needs with the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

 Services and Products

Arab Union for Metal Formation Company relies on a diverse range of modern services and products, including:

1. **Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Works:**
– Design and installation of pergolas and outdoor seating areas.
– Innovative solutions for front spaces.

2. **Cladding and Metal Facade Lining:**
– Design and installation of metal facade linings using the latest technologies.

3. **Glass Houses:**
– Design and construction of glass houses for restaurants and cafes.

4. **Moveable Glass Walls:**
– Vertical moveable glass walls.
– Sliding glass walls.

5. **Smart Moveable Roof:**
– Comprehensive solutions for smart moveable roofs.

6. **Outdoor Shading Systems (Shamasi):**
– Shamasi for restaurants, clubs, and cafes.

7. **Curtain Wall and Glass Facades:**
– Design and installation of curtain walls and glass facades with highest quality.

8. **Moveable Turkish Leather Umbrellas and Awnings:**
– Moveable Turkish leather umbrellas for outdoor spaces.

9. **Moveable Swimming Pool Coverings:**
– Integrated systems for covering swimming pools.

10. **Moveable Louver Awnings:**
– Innovative moveable louver awnings.

11. **Rotating Glass Doors:**
– Design and installation of rotating glass doors.

12. **Manual and Electric Roller Blinds:**
– Solutions for manual and electric roller blinds.

13. **Shisha Mats (Shutter):**
– Comprehensive shisha mat systems.


Arab Union for Metal Formation Company employs a complete team of specialized engineers in all fields and professional technicians. This ensures the delivery of integrated services that meet clients’ needs and achieve the highest levels of satisfaction.

The company is committed to providing innovative and customized solutions for each project, focusing on quality and precision in execution. This makes it the preferred choice for clients seeking excellence and professionalism in the design and implementation of pergolas, outdoor seating areas, and front spaces.

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